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VitalChek Document Ordering Service

Enter Birth Certificate Information

Importance of Accuracy: Please be certain that the information you supply into the following fields is accurate and complete. If the certificate cannot be located from the information you supply or if you are not entitled to receive the certificate, a "No Find" letter will be sent to you and part of your fee will not be refunded.

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What Next?

Step 3: Review and Ordering

You will be asked to review all the billing and shipping information needed to place the order.

Because each certificate involves working with different state agencies, each certificate is separately ordered.

If you ordered more than one certificate, you will automatically be brought back to this page so that you can continue ordering the rest of your certificates.

Where is my State?

If the State your looking for does not appear in the drop down menu as an option, this type of certificate is not currently offered in that state for purchase through Vital Chek.